The Moon Song (Studio Version Duet) - Karen O featuring Ezra Koenig

In this new rendition of “The Moon Song,” Karen O is joined by Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig. “I wrote the song as a duet,” Karen O explained. “I was really excited at the prospect of getting to record it with a male vocalist. Ezra was super cool and open, he slipped into character like a champ and damn he’s got the goods.”

A special three-song EP of “The Moon Song” arrives this week on iTunes. 

(via Rolling Stone)

my neighbour totoro theme - a music box heals you


‘my neighbour totoro’ music box



*emphatic nodding* [x]

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"Using my own hand as a base material, I considered it a canvas upon which I stitched into the top layer of skin using thread to create the appearance of an incredibly work worn hand. By using the technique of embroidery, traditionally employed to represent femininity and applying it to the expression of it’s opposite, I hope to challenge the pre-conceived notion that ‘women’s work’ is light and easy. Aiming to represent the effects of hard work arising from employment in low paid ancillary jobs such as cleaning, caring, and catering, all traditionally considered to be ‘women’s work’"

Eliza Bennett

A woman’s work is never done


Flesh, thread



i hate when people ask “who you tryna look good for?!” bitch myself bye



Not only did Armin notice that Bertholdt had feelings for Annie but he used it against him in a critical moment.

And when the Female Titan almost killed Jean. If he hadn’t been so quick on his feet and said just the right thing to force her to hesitate, Jean might’ve been crushed. 

These are subtle things. He doesn’t rub his hands together and murmur like Light Yagami, I suppose. But my boy is important. 

I’m really, really tired of the dumb Armin-is-useless posts. Also… stop billing him as a minor character, he’s a main character, one of the THREE by the way

NO, it is not Mikasa, Eren, and LEVI. 

Levi’s lovely and all, but damnit he is not the main character. If you went by promotional material, you’d be forgiven for believing he is, but… Armin is brilliant and he’s badass but it’s more subtle. 

Levi gets more attention because he’s more obviously badass. 

Nothing against Levi, but… I find Armin vastly more interesting. 

He’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. He’s not a shota. I call him one teasingly and playfully, but I don’t actually think he is. 

He’s smart in a more realistic way than Light or L from Death Note.

He’s ruthless but he’s not without compassion or love.

He cares a great deal about his friends and comrades and he is not “throwing away their lives,” he’s making sacrifices and it is not easy for him, but he’s willing to do it because he understands how cruel the world works. 

I’m sorry. I’m not coherent right now. I should go to sleep. 

Armin Arlert is a god. He deserves more love, m’kay? 


Maybe we can finally get rid of that BBC stock image of ‘veils of Muslim world’.


Maybe we can finally get rid of that BBC stock image of ‘veils of Muslim world’.

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